Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welfare and what we need.

We all know about those people that take welfare for granted and like to waste out tax dollars to smoke crack, sit on their ass, and take our money.

Well, enough I say!

We need at least 3 regulations on welfare.

1) Time Limit:

Unless you are disabled and cannot find a job, there should be at maximum a 2 year limit on welfare.

2) Drug Testing:

If there are even trace amounts of illicit drugs, your ass should be shoved off the welfare wagon like a stolen car off a cliff.

3) Actively Searching for a Job:

At least 2 job applications submitted each month. If not, you get thrown off.

That's it, do that government and our debt will be one hell of a lot less.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Genre Of Metal

Why is it that a lot of people think that just because someone listen's to metal they must be a satanist, evil, stupid, violent, angry, etc.
I listen to exclusively metal and I am a completely normal person.

Prime example to people's ideas about metal overpowering normal judgement is the Memphis 3. They were incarcerated for 18 years, the only evidence was that they listened to metal, wore metal t-shirts and read Stephan King.

Please stop judging people who like metal by saying they are satanists and such. It's really f***in annoying.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Good and Bad of Social Networking Sites

Millions upon millions of people are on sites like "Facebook" and "Twitter". I am on them as well. But what many people don't realize is that while there may be a lot of benefits from them, there are some bad things that could arise from using them.

The good things are obvious, staying connected with people you may not see often, playing games, getting news, etc.

However, just because someone has the same name as someone you know, they could be trying to get your info or harm you. Just be aware of what your doing on these sites. And use your computer for good not evil.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Medical Issues

It should be common sense that if you feel like your sick or have a medical problem you should go to the doctor.

Well some people don't do this for various reasons. Thinking that it is something else, scared, think it'll go away. I would like to tell you that if you feel something is wrong go to the doctor. Some are afraid of hospitals or dentists but suck it up and get healthy. Who knows it could just save your life. If you have any problem whether it be stomach pains, toothache, infection, etc. just go to the doctor and help yourself.

I hope this helps and thanks for reading.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holidays Starting Earlier and Earlier

Has anyone else noticed that the holidays have started earlier and earlier each year?
About 2 months ago (a bit less) I was at Meijer going to buy some stuff for Halloween, guess what I saw? Christmas stuff right next to the Halloween stuff. What makes that more weird was it the middle of October and there was more Christmas stuff than there was Halloween stuff. Also the music. Begining of Novmber it starts... NO it at the earliest it should start after Thanksgiving.

What do all of you think about this?
Also is there anything you want my insight on?

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Rudeness of People These Days

It seems that people are becoming more and more rude as time goes on. Just today one person in a class of mine called me a jerk because he made a mistake in where to sit, not me. People seem to get mad for no reason or if there is a reason it is something very insignificant. My question is why? Is it because life is more stressful, or that people just don't want to deal with things properly anymore?

Whatever the reason we all need to relax and stop being rude. Now I'm not going to lie. I have been rude to people for almost no reason before. Take some time out of you day to sit down and listen to music, read, or whatever relaxes you. If people did this the world might benefit by not being as stressed out all the time. We would be able to have a life free from unnecessary anger that seems quite abundant in todays society. We'd get more done and it would just be a better place.

I'm going to do this from now on. How about you. Try and make the world less rude and relax.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Abusive Relationships

You may know someone who is in one, you may be in one. If you are please read this, then find places to get help and get out. If your partner is insulting, physically hurting you, or emotionally hurting you that is a sign of abuse. Do not stay with this person. If they threaten you by saying things like "If you leave me, I'll kill you" or something similar contact an agency. Like "" or "".
They can help or Google search agency's in your area.

"Hitting is hating not loving": Youtube celeb Onision

If you suspect that you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship please contact either the police or another agency.

My take on abuse:
Any abuse is just plain wrong. Hurting someone in any way to get dominance over them is not all right in any situation especially relationships. Relationships are supposed to be about trust and love not dominance and power. The worst kind of relationship abuse is sexual. When someone forces another into sexual activity nothing about it is right. I don't get why some people feel the need to do this but if they do feel like they need to so they need help right when you find out. Any abuse whether physical, mental, or emotional is bad. I don't want to see anyone become a victim so please get help ASAP if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship.

Thanks for reading and try to help people.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Skullcandy Titan Headphones

I recently bought the Skullcandy Titan headphones (chrome model) and I was blown away. I has the ink'd model before these, and people say those have good sound quality... long story short they have no idea what sound quality is. I have heard lyrics and other things in music that I haven't heard before I used these headphones. Bass is AMAZING. They have an all metal construction that feels incredibly sturdy. They may be twice the cost of ink'd but it well worth it. Why spend $100+ on Bose headphones when for less than 1/2 the price you can get better sound?

I have nothing bad to say about them.

Thanks for reading.

Changing It Up Again

I have decided to not only post about serious topics every once in a while to just posting all types of things. Examples could be product reviews, funny things, random thoughts, opinions of the world, daily life, etc. If you want please check back everyday as I will try to post something everyday. If not I'm sorry.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Celebrity Driven Society

Here in the U.S. we have a celebrity based society. What I mean by that is we base so much of what we do on what celebs do. Most of us automatically trust a product if a celeb is in an ad for it. We also base a lot of the media on what celebs do. If they get a DUI there is a media frenzy but if old regular Joe Six-pack over there gets a DUI almost nobody cares except for friend and family. Also some celebs get special treatment in everyday situations. Why? Because they are "special", this shouldn't happen they are just people like us.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Politicians and All The Party Nonsense

Politics and politicians can be frustrating to all. They have to go through campaigns to get people to like them by promising things we know will never happen but sound good. We have to go though the decision of who to vote for. But why can't politicians just abandon the whole party aspect and just focus on the troubles of our nation and the world.

If politics in general gave up the party system and made it so that the only thing that mattered were solving the nations problems and helping the people more things would get done. We focus so much on which party is in control of this or that, and if we got rid of the party aspect we wouldn't have to waste time worrying about which party is in control and just get the problems of the world solved faster or at least have a plan to solve them faster. Also having to put a label to yourself based on how a country should be run isn't very useful is it?

Tell me what you think?

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Racism, It Should Be Dead By Now

We all know what racism is and probably at least one person that is racist. How can these people think racism is ok? If you think about it, all it is, is just hating a person (mainly a group of people) because of their physical appearance. These people are rejecting, hating, hurting, abusing, and even killing based on something that cannot be changed. These people that usually that are the victims of racism have done nothing to deserve the treatment they receive. So why would people view this as ok?

The simple thing is, they shouldn't be racist. People should be judged based on personality, actions, and thoughts. Race is something that no one can change about themselves so judging them based on it just ignorant and mindless. If you are racist or know someone who is racist please change for the better of the world. If we can accept all races we will most likely have less violence around the world.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Dying Breed "People Who Care"

Today I realized that I am part of a dying breed of people who care about things in general. Like the environment and litter, today while on the bus some teens (around 15) were throwing things out the windows like trash and pens. To make it worse they thought it was funny and there was a trash can like 5ft away. They even threw things into the other lanes probably trying to hit cars as they would view it as funny.

Another thing is people's feelings and emotions. A few weeks ago these same teens were yelling at some girls asking "Who has some great tits?" and I'm just sitting there thinking could they objectify women any more than they already are? (Yes I am a guy but I care about all people) thought I'd mention that.

Respect is another issue that I have seen people my age have problems with. Again these same teens yell at the bus driver saying pretty disrespectful things like "Stop curbing the bus you b*tch" or things close to that. People also behave like this in the schools by not listing to teachers and other authority figures and just blowing it off as people trying to annoy them.

My advice to these people to just grow up. Be respectful of other people and the earth. It will make this world a better place for everyone.

Thank you for reading.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ways to make a few bucks online... for free

I know your skeptical right? Well don't be I have found a site call rewards1 where all you have to do is enter your email an answer a few questions on some offers.Again sounds like a scam right? Wrong I made a little over $5 in a few hours, it wont make you rich but if you need a few bucks to get the things you've been wanting why not just sign up? It's free and only takes an hour or two to make a few bucks. They can send you giftcards or order your own prize. Plus if you refer people any offers they complete you get a percentage of what they get in points as well. Just have an email for spam set up because you will want one. Please use this link to sign up. Just one refferal and you'll get 30% of any points they get so if they get 1 point (which equals $1) you will get .3 points (which is 30 cents)

Thanks you for reading.